Corporate Profile

resTORbio, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative medicines that target the biology of aging to prevent or treat aging-related diseases.

Our lead program focuses on mTOR, an evolutionarily conserved pathway that regulates aging, and specifically selective inhibition of the target of rapamycin complex 1, or TORC1. 

Program highlights:

  • Our initial focus is on developing RTB101, an oral, selective and potent TORC1 inhibitor product candidate.
  • Our lead indication is the reduction of incidence of illness associated with respiratory tract infections in people 65 and older. Respiratory tract infections, or RTIs, are the fifth leading cause of death in people aged 85 and over and the seventh leading cause of death in people 65 and over. The majority of RTIs are caused by viruses for which there are no approved therapies.
  • In two Phase 2 clinical trials that enrolled more than 900 people 65 years and older, RTB101 was observed to improve immune function and reduce the incidence of RTIs.
  • Our global Phase 3 PROTECTOR program is underway to evaluate the safety and efficacy of RTB101 for reducing the percent of people age 65 and older with clinically symptomatic respiratory illness.
  • We believe TORC1 inhibition may have therapeutic benefit in multiple aging-related diseases.

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